Frequently Asked Questions wants to simplify your browsing experience through our online web portal. That is why we have compiled a list of ten most frequently asked questions about this tool.

1-, what is it? And who is it for? is a tool and service that may be useful to the population of the region, but also to all tourists wishing to visit this beautiful part of the country. It is a online web portal containing a wealth of information on what is happening here, in Whistler. News, current chronicles, a directory of businesses and attractions by cateGOries, as well as some of our partners collaborating in providing the website’s content.

2- What is and where can I find it? is a television based information source where you can find out necessary information on entertainment, activities, accommodation, restaurants and upcoming events in the Whistler region. is broadcasted in a selection of hotels.

3- Is the information regularly updated?

Yes. The goal of the portal is to keep you abreast of the latest trends, news or events taking place in Whistler. The site can be updated at any time of the day and several times a week.

4- Can I find information quickly, and more importantly, how?

Of course. Looking for a restaurant that makes sushi? There is nothing more simple then typing your query in the “search box”. With a single click, all options will be listed.

Or alternatively, in the below menu you will find all information listed by cateGories.

5- I am a merchant and I want my business to appear in the directory. How do I Go about this?

In the “how to join us” section you will find all the information about the subscription.

6- Becoming a member, what does that imply?

Merchants will gain fresh and interesting visibility with a new audience. They will also enjoy an extensive advertising campaign to raise awareness about their company through and its members.

7- You have interesting ideas and you really want to collaborate with this project?

Send us your comments and suggestions in the “contact us” section. We want to know what you think and we will respond personally to all queries!

8- I cannot find all regional merchants on this site … is this normal?

Yes, the site is a work in progress and all merchants may not have adhered yet or may be about to do so. Therefore we encourage you to suggest your favourite merchants to join this site. The Goal is to offer the most complete directory possible.

9- I would like to post an event in the calendar of events. How do I proceed?

Nothing more simple, send us your event information by email to, and we’ll add it! The deadline for adding an event is the Wednesday of the previous week at noon. This is a free service!

10- I specialize in an area that could interest your audience, how can I participate in the development of

You could become a columnist in the “Chronicle” section of the portal. Write to us at to receive procedures on how to send us your articles.

11- I participated in a competition on and I won a prize, how do I claim it?

We will contact you with details that you have left in your email to explain how to claim your prize. You will have to answer a skill-testing question in order to claim your prize.

12- How do make a purchase through and is it safe to do so?

With one easy click, will allow you to make a direct online purchase without ever leaving the website. Directions on how to proceed will guide you through this secure process. Please note you must have a PayPal account to make a payment directly through

A receipt will automatically be sent to your email account for your records. If you incur any difficulties with online payment through, please contact us.

Another question?

If you have further questions about the content of, please contact us and we will make it our duty to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you Team

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